Chatterjee, Anjali and Bhattacharjee, Partha and Roy, Nirmal Kumar (2012) Mathematical model for predicting the state of health of transformers and service methodology for enhancing their life. Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 43. pp. 1487-1494. ISSN 0142-0615

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This paper presents the analysis and modeling of the mathematical characteristics of the dissolved gases in the transformer oil for the purpose of working out a schedule for oil filtration, which in turn regulates the quality of oil. A restriction, on the total volume of dissolve gases in the oil, improves the performance and enhances the life of a transformer. The stochastic characteristic of the gas generation inside the oil, has been monitored and studied over a long duration, through different times of the week and different months of the year. Looking at the characteristics of gas generation and routine process of gas removal (by oil filtration), a Markov model has been developed, to predict the state of health of a transformer and suggest a schedule for regular gas filtration, for the purpose of extending the life of the transformer. However, filtration itself doesn’t remove the source of the fault. Important parameters like, the capacity of oil tank, rate of gas generation and various other key parameters for restricting the volume of total gas, inside the transformer have been derived. The mathematical model can also optimize some of the design parameters of a transformer, depending on the service frequency of various users and their choice of life expectancy of the transformer.

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