Chatterjee, Dipankar and Mondal, Bittagopal (2012) Forced convection heat transfer from an equilateral triangular cylinder at low Reynolds numbers. Heat Mass Transfer, 48. pp. 1575-1587.

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An unsteady two-dimensional numerical simulation is performed to investigate the forced convection heat transfer for flow past a long heated equilateral triangular cylinder in an unconfined medium for the low Reynolds number laminar regime. The Reynolds number considered in this study ranges from 50 to 250 with three different values of Prandtl number (Pr = 0.71, 7 and 100). Fictitious confining boundaries are chosen on the lateral sides of the computational domain that makes the blockage ratio b = 5 % in order to make the problem computationally feasible. An unstructured triangular mesh is used for the computational domain discretization and the simulation is carried out with the commercial CFD solver Fluent. The flow and heat transfer characteristics are analyzed with the streamline and isotherm patterns at various Reynolds numbers. The dimensionless frequency of vortex shedding (Strouhal number), drag coefficient and Nusselt numbers are presented and discussed. The results obtained are in good agreement with the available results in the literature.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Low Reynolds number flows
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Date Deposited: 15 Apr 2016 05:22
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