Thangadurai, Murugan and Das, Debopam (2012) Experimental study on a compressible vortex ring in collision with a wall. Journal of Visualization, 15. pp. 321-332.

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Head-on collision of the compressible vortex ring with a wall is studied experimentally for shock Mach number (M) varying from 1.31 to 1.85 using high-speed smoke flow visualizations. The compressible vortex ring is generated from the open end of a short driver section shock tube. At first, the interaction of the isolated compressible vortex ring with wall is characterized using diameter and translational velocity of the vortex ring and verified with flow visualizations. Different events such as vortex ring impingement on wall, wall vortex growth, and lift-off are identified from the change in slope of diameter and translational velocity. Next, the wall interaction of primary vortex ring embedded with counter rotating vortex ring (CRVR) is studied for M = 1.7 and 1.85. It has been observed that the presence of CRVR strongly influences the flow structure and formation of wall vortices. A case where CRVR first impinges on the wall showed a lesser liftoff due to formation of weak wall vortices. Strong scattered waves produced during wall interaction at high M (1.7 and 1.85) interact with trailing jet and create a secondary vortex ring at the trailing jet. Pressure measurements along the wall surface have also showed the impingement, wall vortex growth, lift-off besides shocklet formation.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Computational fluid dynamics
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Date Deposited: 15 Apr 2016 05:40
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