Bhattacharya, Dibyendu (2015) A two-component co-crystal of Cu(II) complex of p-tolyl-terpyridine. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section -A, 54A. pp. 35-39.

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A unique two-component co-crystal, [Cu(L)(NO3)2][Cu(L)(NO3)(CH3OH)](NO3)∙H2O (L = p-tolyl-terpyridine) has been prepared in (1:1) water-methanol medium at room temperature and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The compound crystallizes in the triclinic system (space group P). The structure consists of two mononuclear Cu(II) moieties, one cationic and another neutral. In the asymmetric unit, one Cu(II) centre furnishes a five-coordinated distorted square pyramidal geometry (CuN3O2), organized by three nitrogens of L ligand and one oxygen of a monodentate nitrate anion in the equatorial position and one methanol molecule in the apical position with geometry index 5 = 0.15. The other Cu(II) centre displays a four-coordinate distorted square planar geometry (CuN3O), framed by three nitrogens of ligand L and one oxygen of a monodentate nitrate anion with geometry index 4 = 0.29 and the tetrahedral character parameter, THCDa/100 of –1.00.

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