Mahapatra, Abhijit and Roy, Shibendu Shekhar and Pratihar, Dilip Kumar (2015) Computer aided modeling and analysis of turning motion of hexapod robot on varying terrains. International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design, 11 (3). pp. 309-336.

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To successfully design a hexapod robot with maneuverability over varying terrains, the kinematic and dynamic analyses for its motion are very essential. This paper proposes an integrated approach for carrying out design, analysis and simulation of the motions and mechanisms of hexapod robots generating turning gaits. A new path planning approach is proposed for the turning motion analysis of the robot walking over any kind of terrain varying from flat to rough in three-dimensional Cartesian space with the desired gait pattern. The kinematics model of the hexapod robot having legs of three degrees of freedom each is developed to simulate turning motion, and its performance is tested on a realistic computer aided design model using the available virtual prototyping tools. The model is capable of investigating various kinematic parameters of the hexapod robot like displacement, velocity, acceleration, trace of the position of aggregate center of mass during turning motions. A case study is solved and the theoretically obtained results are verified by simulating the same in a commercially available numerical solver for multibody dynamic analysis like MSC.ADAMS®. The results show a close agreement between the theoretical and simulated results, which proves the efficacy of the proposed algorithm.

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Subjects: Terrainability
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