Ghosh, D. and Mitra, S.K. (2015) High Temperature Corrosion Behavior of Cold Deformed 2.25 Cr-1 Mo Steel in SO2 + O2 Atmosphere. High Temperature Materials and Processes, 34 (2). pp. 107-114. ISSN 0334-6455

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This investigation is primarily aimed to study the high temperature corrosion behavior of different cold deformed low alloy ferritic 2.25 Cr-1 Mo steel in SO2 + O2 environment. The isothermal corrosion study is carried out in different cold deformed specimen in SO2 + O2 (ratio 2:1) at 923 K for 24 hours. The scale growth and reaction kinetics are studied and the morphology of the post corroded scales are characterized in SEM, EDS and XRD. The results indicate that all the specimens (undeformed and deformed) show parabolic growth rate. Further corrosion rate increases with the increase of percentage of deformation up to 50.45%. The specimen above 50.45% deformations reveals decrease in corrosion rate with increase percentage of deformation. Finally, corrosion mechanism for the different percentage cold deformed specimens are discussed in details in this paper.

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Subjects: Materials
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Date Deposited: 14 Sep 2016 06:27
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