Kumar, Deepak and Roy, Himadri and Show, Bijay Kumar (2015) Tribological Behavior of an Aluminum Matrix Composite with Al4SiC4 Reinforcement under Dry Sliding Condition. Tribology Transactions , 58 (3). pp. 518-526.

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In the present research work, an aluminum-based metal matrix composite with in situ Al4SiC4 particles has been developed by the incorporation of TiC particles in commercial aluminum melt through a stir-casting method. Microstructure evaluation in correlation to developed hardness and mechanical properties was performed. Furthermore, the dry sliding wear behavior of commercial aluminum and commercial aluminum–5 vol% Al4SiC4 composite was investigated at low sliding speed (1 ms−1) against a hardened EN 31 disk at different loads. The wear mechanism involved adhesion and microcutting–abrasion at lower loads. On the other hand, at higher loads, abrasive wear involving microcutting along with adherent oxide formation was observed. The overall wear rate increased with load in the alloy as well as in the composite. Moreover, the overall wear rate of the composite was lower than that of the commercial aluminum at all applied loads.` The severe wear region at 39.2 N load in the case of the commercial aluminum–5 vol% Al4SiC4 composite was found to be delayed up to a longer sliding distance compared to commercial aluminum. The in situ Al4SiC4 particles offered resistance to adhesive wear. Accordingly, the commercial aluminum–5 vol% Al4SiC4 composite exhibited superior wear resistance compared to the commercial aluminum.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Metal matrix composite (MMC) processing
Depositing User: Dr. Sarita Ghosh
Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2016 13:29
Last Modified: 20 Sep 2016 13:29
URI: http://cmeri.csircentral.net/id/eprint/277

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