Shome, S.N. and Nandy, S. and Das, S.K. and Pal, D. (2013) An approach towards the design and development of a flexible 5dof AUV. Indian Journal of Geo-marine Sciences, 42 (5). pp. 565-572.

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Present study consists the overall development aspects of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) such as mechanical design, modelling, software architecture, controllers and navigation in combination with the lake experiments conducted on the vehicle at a shallow depth. AUV prototype in discussion is designated, AUV-150 and is designed to operate at a depth of 150 meters. It is a cylindrical-shaped carrier with streamlined fairing to reduce hydrodynamic drag. It is embedded with active propulsion, navigation, and control systems. Propulsion system comprises thrusters for generating motion in different directions to control surge, sway, heave, pitch, and yaw. Two arrays of cross-fins have also been fixed at the two ends to provide additional stability to the AUV against roll. A lithium polymer battery powers the vehicle and a pressure hull contains its electronics and energy system. Equipped with a camera, CTD and side scan sonar as payload sensors the AUV-150 is perfectly designed for performing underwater terrain mapping as well as oceanographic survey activities. The experimental results obtained from the shallow depth operation are quite satisfactory from the operational point of view.

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Control, navigation and guidance
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