Swati, Ghosh and Haldar, S. and Ganguly, A. and Chatterjee, P.K. (2013) Review on Parthenium hysterphorus as a potential energy source. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 20. pp. 420-429.

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Ethyl alcohol, the oldest synthetic organic chemical is rendered one of the most important alternative sources of energy. Efficient production of ethanol is based on optimized processes where utilization of cheap substrates is highly demanding. Utilization of different types of lignocellulosic materials can be considered for production of ethanol. Amongst the various types of lignocellulosic substances Parthenium [Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae)] is a potential resource available in many tropical regions of the world. A considerable amount of laboratory work is in progress for bioconversion of various lignocellulosic materials into ethanol using sequential steps of hydrolysis, saccharification and fermentation. However, there is very little reported work for bioconversion of P. hysterophorus into fuel ethanol. A comprehensive review on the availability of Parthenium, its composition and impact on human and other livestock, bioconversion into ethanol, the methods of pretreatment and the chemistry of hydrolysis with dilute sulfuric acid has been attempted in this work. The results of depolymerization for a hypothetical pentamer can be predicted through solution of the governing equations through simple integration technique. The series of reactions interplay during the depolymerization of hemicellulose. The same can be successfully used to predict the yield of xylose when parthenium feedstock is hydrolyzed with dilute sulfuric acid. The present report will stimulate the researchers to adopt a suitable kinetic model to study the reaction mechanism for hydrolysis of P. hystrophorus L. and optimization of different parameters such as temperature, time, acid concentrations, alkali concentrations, etc. during pretreatment processes for achieving higher yield of ethanol.

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