Sah, Ramesh P. and Choudhury, Biplab and Das, Ranadip K. (2016) A review on low grade heat powered adsorption cooling systems for ice production. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 62. pp. 109-120.

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Due to the ecological problems and energy crisis in the world, the development of sustainable energy utilization systems has attracted more attention. An adsorption ice maker may be used for storing perishable foodstuffs, fruits, medicines, etc. These adsorption ice makers are powered by low grade heat sources like solar heat, automobile/industrial waste heat etc. This study presents previous mathematical and experimental models of adsorption ice makers powered by solar heat/waste heat of automobile engines, etc. Though the environmental benefits of these ice makers are impressive, these refrigeration systems have been found to suffer from low performances. Researchers need to focus on development of new adsorbents, advancement in energy collection system and its utilization technology, design of efficient heat exchangers, optimal use of advanced cycles (mass recovery, heat recovery, mass and heat recovery, thermal wave, multi–bed, multi–stage cycles, etc), use of topping up cycles with different adsorbent/adsorbate combinations to maximize the performances of these ice makers to a promising level.

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