Sarkar, Papiya and Saha, Amrita and Chatterjee, Debabrata (2016) Oxidation of captopril by hydrogen peroxide and peroxomonosulfate ion catalyzed by a ruthenium(III) complex: kinetic and mechanistic studies. Transition Metal Chemistry, 41 (3). pp. 279-286.

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The complex [RuIII(edta)(H2O)]− (edta4− = ethylenediaminetetraacetate) catalyzes the oxidation of captopril (CapSH) using primary oxidants, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and peroxomonosulfate (HSO5−). The kinetics of the oxidation reaction were studied as a function of both oxidant (H2O2, HSO5−) and substrate (CapSH) concentrations using stopped-flow and rapid scan stopped-flow techniques. Spectral and kinetic data are suggestive of a pathway involving rapid formation of the intermediate complex [RuIII(edta)(CapS)]2− followed by direct attack of the oxidant (H2O2 or HSO5−) at the S atom of the coordinated CapS−. ESI–MS and HPLC analysis of the reaction products showed that captopril disulfide (CapSSCap) is the major oxidation product. A probable mechanism in agreement with the spectral and kinetic data is presented.

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Subjects: Chemistry
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