Arun, Ravi Kumar and Priyadarshini, Nivedita and Chaudhury, Kaustav and Chanda, Nripen and Biswas, Gautam and Chakraborty, Suman (2016) Paper-PDMS hybrid microchannel: a platform for rapid fluid-transport and mixing. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 26 (10). 105008 ( ).

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The functionalities of a paper-PDMS hybrid microchannel, as a potential fluidic transport platform, are presented. The setup consists of a PDMS microchannel with one of its walls covered by paper. In contrast to the available microfluidic platforms, the capillary filling is found to occur at much faster speed in the hybrid channel. Moreover, experimentation using two dye solutions shows mixing enhancement at a significantly faster rate and at a shorter distance in the hybrid channel as compared to the other available counterparts. The paper attachment is found to induce an effective slip during liquid transport, and thereby allows faster transport and capillary filling. The liquid slippage further modifies the shear flow behavior near the wall leading to a slip-enhanced mixing within the hybrid channel. These fundamental understandings correspond to the experimental results quantitatively in terms of corroborating scaling laws. Further mixing enhancement is introduced through spiral, curved and elliptical–spiral geometries of the channel. Apart from the above benefits, the enclosed arrangement protects sensitive reagents from external environment and offers better control over their transport, thus giving a stable mixing and reaction performance inside the channel.

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