Gupta, R.N. and Das, A.K. and Nagahanumaiah, Nagahanumaiah and Shah, Henal (2016) Pulse Electrocodeposited Ni–WC Composite Coating. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 31 (1). pp. 42-47.

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In the present work, tungsten carbide (WC) particulate of average size 10 µm were electrocodeposited in the nickel metal matrix, to form metal matrix composite (MMC) coating over the EN8 steel substrate. The electrodeposition of Ni–WC particulate composite coating was carried out using the Watt's bath under the influence of varying current density and duty cycle. It was found that current density of 0.02 A/cm2 was sufficient to start the codeposition kinetics. But, good quality of electrodeposition was obtained at a current density of 0.04 A/cm2. The WC particulate entrapment and distribution of WC particles in Ni matrix according the variation in experimental parameters has been reported. The dense and compact microstructure was obtained at a current density of 0.04 A/cm2 and duty cycle of 30%. Microhardness and corrosion resistance properties of composite coating were also evaluated and reported.

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