Mondal , Manas Kumar and Das, Prosenjit and Karmakar, Nilabha and Banik, Nabanita (2017) Modelling of flow behaviour in a LD vessel by an impinging gas jet. Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, 17 (3). pp. 159-171.

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Present study is focused towards development of computational fluid dynamic model of oxygen impingement in the melt pool in case of LD (basic oxygen converter) steelmaking process. 1/30th scaled down model of the 100 ton LD converter has been developed and flow simulation has been performed based on volume of fluid technique, using Fluent as solver engine. Simulation of the steel bath and oxygen is carried out by using water and air, respectively. Effect of process variables on the LD steelmaking practice has been studied and the findings ascertain penetration depth of the oxygen jet into the liquid (metal) pool as a strong function of bath (lance) height, gas flow rate and nozzle exit diameter. Furthermore, an equation is developed by carrying out regression analysis using results obtained from numerical simulation. The study also provides insight into the surface deformation modes, their onsets and transition regimes, which originates due to the gas impingement into the melt pool. Finally, the computed results are compared with the experimental findings for selected cases and good agreement has been found.

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