Chatterjee, Debabrata and Eldik, Rudi van (2017) RuIII(EDTA) mediated activation of redox signalling molecules. Coordination Chemistry Reviews , 349. pp. 129-138.

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The different RuIII(EDTA) complexes (EDTA4− = ethylenediaminetetraacetate) formed in aqueous solution are prospective in many ways and have unique features that make them significant for biochemical applications. The advancement of RuIII(EDTA) mediated bioinorganic reactions in terms of unravelling their mechanistic information has not been systematically reviewed to date. Hence, the subject of this review comprises the most recent advances in RuIII(EDTA) chemistry with regard to bioinorganic reaction mechanisms involving RuIII(EDTA) complexes. This review mainly covers the application of RuIII(EDTA) complexes as catalysts or mediators in homogeneous reaction systems for the activation of redox signalling molecules, viz. H2O2, thiols (RSH), NO and H2S, highlighting the authors’ own recent studies on such catalytic systems. Details of the reaction mechanisms have been revealed for peroxide activation, thiol oxidation, S-nitrosylation of thiols, and dioxygen activation involving RuIII(EDTA) complexes. This review also covers progress in unravelling the mechanism of RuIII(EDTA) mediated oxidation of thiols using KHSO5 as a precursor oxidant.

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