Maikap, A and Mukherjee, K and Mandal, N and Mondal, B and Meikap, A K (2018) Iron (III) oxide hydroxide based novel electrode for the electrochemical detection of trace level fluoride present in water. Electrochimica Acta, 264. pp. 150-156.

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Present article describes the development of novel electrode for the electrochemical detection of fluoride ion (F−) present in water. The electrode is prepared by growing thin iron (III) oxide hydroxide film on conducting glass substrate through simple and cost effective dip coating technique. Electrochemical sensing performances of the developed electrode through cyclic voltammetric and amperometric technique are studied within a three electrode chamber. Ag/AgCl and Pt are used as reference and counter electrodes respectively to carry out the sensing experiments. The developed working electrode shows distinguishable cyclic voltammetric and amperometric response in presence of different concentration (0.27–2.48 mM) of aqueous fluoride solution. The interference of the sensor is verified in presence of nitrate (NO3−) and chloride (Cl−) ions. In order to understand the behaviour of electrochemical interaction, the phase and morphology of the electrode material is studied prior and after sensing. A plausible mechanism is proposed for the electrochemical sensing of fluoride by iron (III) oxide hydroxide film.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Sensor
Depositing User: Dr. Arup Kr. Nandi
Date Deposited: 14 Jul 2020 05:10
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2020 05:10

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