Mukherjee, Sarbani and Giri, Santu K. and Banerjee, Subrata (2019) A Flexible Discontinuous Modulation Scheme with Hybrid Capacitor Voltage Balancing Strategy for Three-Level NPC Traction Inverter. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66 (5). pp. 3333-3343.

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Multilevel inverters are now-a-days being applied in electric vehicles (EV). Considering the dynamic operating conditions of an EV propelled by an induction motor, this paper proposes a flexible discontinuous modulation strategy for three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverter that can shift modulation pattern seamlessly from sinusoidal pulsewidth modulation (SPWM) to discontinuous PWM (DPWM). The modulation scheme is generalized at each degree of discontinuity to ensure minimum switching losses for variable load power factors. Additionally, a hybrid voltage balancing strategy, which comprises two sets of compensating offset signals with complementary features, has been introduced to mitigate voltage deviation problem at neutral point of the inverter. The unique feature of the proposed hybrid balancing approach is that it generates uniform compensating neutral current regardless of the level of discontinuity. This results in identical and predictable voltage balancing dynamics for the entire modulation transition covering SPWM and DPWM. It has been shown that the proposed hybrid balancing strategy does not lose its unbalance compensation strength even during transition from one modulation pattern to another. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme for wide variations in operating conditions is studied through extensive simulation, and validated in experimentation using a prototype NPC inverter with induction motor loads.

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Subjects: Power electronics
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