Arun, Ravi Kumar and , Anjali and Sardar, Moumita and Singh, Preeti and Jha, Bishnu Mohan and Chandra, Nripen (2019) A spiral shaped regenerative microfluidic fuel cell with Ni‐C based porous electrodes. International Journal of Energy Research, 43 (14). pp. 8834-8840.

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Microchannel geometry, electrode surface area, and better fuel utilization are important aspects of the performance of a microfluidic fuel cell (MFC). In this communication, a membraneless spiral‐shaped MFC fabricated with Ni as anode and C as a cathode supported over a porous filter paper substrate is presented. Vanadium oxychloride and dilute sulfuric acid solutions are used as fuel and electrolyte, respectively, in this fuel cell system. The device generates a maximum open‐circuit voltage of ~1.2 V, while the maximum energy density and current density generated from the fuel cell are ~10 mW cm−2 and ~51 mA cm−2, respectively. The cumulative energy density generated from the device after five cycles are measured as ~200 mW after regeneration of the fuel by applying external voltage. The spiral design of the fuel cell enables improved fuel utilization, rapid diffusive transport of ions, and in‐situ regeneration of the fuel. The present self‐standing spiral‐shaped MFC will eliminate the challenges associated with two inlet membrane‐less fuel cells and has the potential to scale up for commercial application in portable energy generation.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: PEM Fuel cell
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