Mukherjee, Sarbani and Giri, Santu Kumar and Banerjee, Subrata (2019) An Improved Adjustable Modulation Strategy for Three-Level NPC Inverters Considering Dynamic Loading Applications. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 55 (4). pp. 3915-3925.

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Three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverters are being widely adopted in low-voltage low-power applications. For an intended application, the modulation strategy and the operating conditions are the two key factors that highly influence the major performance indices of the NPC inverter, such as efficiency, harmonic distortion, and voltage oscillations at neutral point (NP). Considering dynamic loading applications where the operating point varies significantly, this paper proposes an improved adjustable pulsewidth modulation (PWM) strategy for a three-level NPC inverter that can alter its modulation pattern to meet desired performance objectives for the full operation range. It has been shown that by varying two control parameters namely discontinuity control parameter and bias control parameter, the proposed modulation strategy changes its pattern between the most efficient generalized discontinuous PWM to NP oscillations-free partial dipolar PWM strategy. Additionally, to obtain a tradeoff between the performance parameters-efficiency, NP oscillations, and waveform quality-The proposed strategy has the ability to settle at the intermediate modulation patterns by transforming into a hybrid modulation signal. Furthermore, considering NP voltage unbalance mitigation as major technical challenge in adjustable modulation strategy, a voltage unbalance compensator that exhibits satisfactory balancing performance for the entire variations of modulation patterns and operating conditions has also been presented. The performance of the proposed modulation strategy in conjunction with voltage unbalance compensator has been evaluated in simulation by widely varying the speed and load of induction motor, and verified in experimentation

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Subjects: Power electronics
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