Jaiswal, Namita and Hens, Abhiram and Chatterjee, Manosree and Mahata, Nibedita and Chanda, Nripen (2019) Ethylenediamine assisted functionalization of self-organized poly (D, L-lactide-co-glycolide) patterned surface to enhance cancer cell isolation. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 534. pp. 122-130.

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Abstract Protein functionalized micro-scale patterned structures are developed using a biocompatible polymer PLGA (poly (D, L-lactide-co-glycolide)) via thin film dewetting and by step-wise chemical conjugations with EDA (ethylenediamine) and anti-EpCAM (Epithelial Cell Adhesion olecule) antibodies to target the epithelial cell adhesion molecules of cancer cells. The effectiveness of such protein functionalized patterned surface is checked through cell isolation process using blood samples spiked with different cancer cells such as MCF-7, A549, MDA-MB-231. An efficient capture yield of 92% is obtained with MCF-7 cells over a two hour incubation time. The study demonstrates the effects of cell concentration and incubation time on the binding of cancer cells to the modified patterned surfaces. For the first time, a simple and inexpensive method is reported to fabricate functionalized PLGA patterned surface for an efficient isolation of cancer cells from diluted blood samples. The method shows the potential to be used as an effective platform for the development of an improved circulating tumor cell (CTC) isolation device from the clinical blood sample.

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Subjects: Chemistry
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Date Deposited: 15 Jan 2021 07:34
Last Modified: 15 Jan 2021 07:34
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