Badak, Bikram and Jeon, Byong-Hun and Kurade, Mayur B and Saratale, Ganesh D and Bhunia, Biswanath and Chatterjee, Pradip K and Dey, Apurba (2019) Biodegradation of high concentration phenol using sugarcane bagasse immobilized Candida tropicalis PHB5 in a packed-bed column reactor. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 180. pp. 317-325.

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Biodegradation of phenolic compounds in wastewater can be effectively carried out in packed bed reactors (PBRs) employing immobilized microorganisms. A low-cost, reusable immobilization matrix in PBR can provide economic advantages in large scale removal of high concentration phenol. In this study, we evaluated the efficiency and reusability of sugarcane bagasse (SCB) as a low-cost immobilization support for high strength phenol removal in recirculating upflow PBR. An isolated yeast Candida tropicalis PHB5 was immobilized onto the SCB support and packed into the reactor to assess phenol biodegradation at various influent flow rates. Scanning electron microscopy exhibited substantial cell attachment within the pith and onto the fibrous strand surface of the SCB support. The PBR showed 97% removal efficiency at the initial phenol concentration of 2400 mg L−1 and 4 mL min−1 flow rate within 54 h. Biodegradation kinetic studies revealed that the phenol biodegradation rate and biodegradation rate constant were dependent on the influent flow rate. A relatively higher rate of biodegradation (64.20 mg g−1 h−1) was found at a flow rate of 8 mL min−1, indicating rapid phenol removal in the PBR. Up to six successive batches (phenol removal >94%) were successfully applied in the PBR using an initial phenol concentration of 400–2400 mg L−1 at a flow rate of 4 mL min−1 indicating the reusability of the PBR system. The SCB-immobilized C. tropicalis could be employed as a cost-effective packing material for removal of high strength phenolic compounds in real scale PBR.

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Subjects: Bioethanol
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