Gautam, Sujeet Kumar and Roy, Himadri and Lohar, Aditya Kumar and Samanta, Sudip Kumar and Sutradhar, Goutam (2019) Effect of processing routes on structure-property correlationship of ADC 12 Al alloy. Materials Research Express, 6 (2).

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The present work focuses primarily on the effect of processing routes on structure-property correlationship of ADC 12 Al alloy. Both conventional processing (Gravity cast and pressure die cast) and Semi Solid processing techniques (cooling slope and Rheo-Pressure Die Cast; RPDC) were attempted to bring out the correlationship between their microstructures and mechanical properties of ADC 12 Al alloy. Gravity cast experiment was done on ingots of ADC12 Al melted in an resistance furnace and poured at temperature 585 °C in a copper mould. In the Pressure Die-Casting process, ingots of ADC12 Al alloy were melted in an resistance furnace and the liquid metal was poured in the mould of the pressure die casting system. Semi-solid metal processing was carried out using cooling slope experiments in a developed in-house set up and effect of rheocasting on the semi solid microstructure was studied. Rheo pressure die cast experiments were carried out in an integrated set-up of cooling slope and pressure die-cast system. The obtained result of gravity cast material reveals dendritic morphology of primary Al phase and elongated eutectic phase; upon using pressure in a pressure die cast system, the structure of primary Al phase changes to large size dendrites along with rosette shaped morphology. The cooling slope technique to generate semi-solid structure yields nearly globular and fine grains; whereas the rheo pressure die casting experiments reveal nearly globular shape primary Al exhibit that distribute relatively uniformly in the matrix compared to the all three above the processing routes. From The best mechanical properties are also obtained in Rheo-pressure die cast system with tensile strength (223 MPa), elongation (6.5%), and hardness (87 VH) compared to all other processing routes. Explanations of fracture micro mechanisms are supplement to the investigation.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Rheocasting
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Date Deposited: 15 Dec 2020 09:49
Last Modified: 15 Dec 2020 09:49

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