Maity, Joydeep and Saha, Atanu and Mondal, Dipak Kumar and Biswas, Koushik (2013) Mechanism of accelerated spheroidization of steel during cyclic heat treatment around the upper critical temperature. Philosophical Magazine Letters, 93 (4). pp. 231-237.

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An investigation has been carried out on the mechanism of accelerated spheroidization in 0.6 wt.% carbon steel under cyclic heat treatment involving repeated short duration holdings above its upper critical temperature (A3) followed by forced air cooling. Thermal grooving, modified capillarity induced perturbation and lamellar thickening, were found to be the main processes responsible for rapid spheroidization. This is in contrast to the conventional subcritical spheroidization process where the termination migration process dominates the mechanism. The new effect is attributed to the higher atomic mobility above A3 and the generation of potential diffusion sites of lamellar faults causing rapid breakdown of lamellar pearlite into spheroids of cementite even with short duration holding in each cycle.

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Subjects: Materials
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