Chakraborty, Suman and Chatterjee, Dipankar and Bakli, Chirodeep (2013) Nonlinear Amplification in Electrokinetic Pumping in Nanochannels in the Presence of Hydrophobic Interactions. Physical Review Letters , 110. 184503 (1-5). ISSN 0031-9007

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We discover a nonlinear coupling between the hydrophobicity of a charged substrate and electrokinetic pumping in narrow fluidic confinements. Our analyses demonstrate that the effective electrokinetic transport in nanochannels may get massively amplified over a regime of bare surface potentials and may subsequently get attenuated beyond a threshold surface charging condition because of a complex interplay between reduced hydrodynamic resistance on account of the spontaneous inception of a less dense interfacial phase and ionic transport within the electrical double layer. We also show that the essential physics delineated by our mesoscopic model, when expressed in terms of a simple mathematical formula, agrees remarkably with that portrayed by molecular dynamics simulations. The nontrivial characteristics of the initial increment followed by a decrement of the effective zeta potential with a bare surface potential may open up the realm of hitherto unexplored operating regimes of electrohydrodynamically actuated nanofluidic devices.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Computational fluid dynamics
Depositing User: Dr. Sarita Ghosh
Date Deposited: 06 Apr 2016 06:26
Last Modified: 06 Apr 2016 06:26

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