Halder, P. and De, S. and Sinhamahapatra, K.P. and Singh, N. (2013) Numerical simulation of shock–vortex interaction in Schardin’s problem. Shock Waves, 23. pp. 495-504.

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Shock diffraction over a two-dimensional wedge and subsequent shock–vortex interaction have been numerically simulated using theAUSM+scheme. After the passage of the incident shock over the wedge, the generated tip vortex interacts with a reflected shock. The resulting shock pattern has been captured well. It matches the existing experimental and numerical results reported in the literature. We solve the Navier–Stokes equations using high accuracy schemes and extend the existing results by focussing on the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability generated vortices which follow a spiral path to the vortex core and on their way interact with shock waves embedded within the vortex. Vortex detection algorithms have been used to visualize the spiral structure of the initial vortex and its final breakdown into a turbulent state. Plotting the dilatation field we notice a new source of diverging acoustic waves and a lambda shock at the wedge tip.

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Subjects: Numerical Modelling
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