Jain, R.K. and Majumder, S. and Dutta , A. (2012) Microassembly by an IPMC-based flexible 4-bar mechanism. Smart Material and Structures, 21. 075004 (1-15).

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A new design for a flexible 4-bar mechanism using ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) for micropeg-in-hole assembly is proposed. In such assembly a peg is inserted into a hole by a flexible 4-bar mechanism. During assembly there exist both lateral and angular errors in the positioning of the peg. Due to this misalignment, the forces at the contact point between the peg and hole cause a change in the coupler path. In order to accommodate these forces, an IPMC-based microgripper is fitted at the center of the coupler in the flexible 4-bar and an IPMC patch is also attached on the coupler. The IPMC patch, when actuated, applies a moment on the coupler, thus changing its deflection. The objective of the design is to correct the deflection in the coupler path and also add compliance at the gripper during assembly. A model of the flexible 4-bar mechanism with an IPMC-based compliant gripper is made in Adams software. The simulation results show that the path of the flexible coupler can be controlled by activating the IPMC patch, while the misalignment during assembly is compensated by the IPMC microgripper. An IPMC-based flexible 4-bar mechanism was fabricated and experiments were carried out. The results prove that the path of the mechanism can be controlled and compliance can also be accommodated by the proposed mechanism during assembly.

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Date Deposited: 13 Apr 2016 11:08
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